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NC Medicare Part B

NC Medicare Part B is also referred to as Medical Insurance.  You should contact social security 3 months prior to your 65th birthday to make sure you are enrolled in this coverage.  For most seniors new to Medicare, you will have a monthly premium in 2016 of $121.80/month for Part B coverage. If your annual income is above $85,000/year you will pay a higher rate. Most enrollees elect to have this premium taken directly from their social security check. 

What does NC Medicare Part B cover?

In 2016 there is an annual Part B deductible of $166.  Once this deductible is met then you would typically pay 20% of Medicare approved amount for that particular service.  It is important to note that their is no Stop-Loss on the amount that you owe.  This means that if the Medicare approved amount for a procedure covered under Part B is $100,000 and all you have is Medicare Part A and B you would be responsible for $20,000 of this claim.  This is why we HIGHLY recommend that you enroll in Medicare Supplemental Insurance North Carolina.

With that said, lets take a look at some of the covered services (information below was taken directly from Medicare & You 2016 Handbook):

Abdominal Aoritc Aneurysm Screening Alcohol Misuse Counceling                       Ambulance Services                          
Ambualatory Surgical Centers Blood   Bone Mass Measurement
Breast Cancer Screening (Mammograms) Cardiac Rehabilitation Cardiovascular Screenings
Cervical and Vaginal Cancer Screenings Chemotherapy Chiropractic Services (limited)
Clinical Research Studies Colorectal Cancer Screenings Defibrillator
Depression Screening Diabetes Screenings Diabetes Self-Management Training
Diabetes Supplies Doctor and Other Health Care Services Durable Medical Equipment
Electrocardiogram (EKG) Screening ER Services Eyeglasses (limited)
Federally Qualified Health Center Services Flu Shots Foot Exams and Treatment
Glaucoma Tests Hearing and Balance Exams Hepatitis B Shots
HIV Screening Home Health Services Kidney Dialysis Services and Supplies
Kidney Disease Education Services Laboratory Services Medical Nutrition Therepay Services
Mental Health Care (outpatient) Obesity Screening and Counceling Occupational Therapy
Outpatient Hospital Services Outpatient Medical and Surgical Services Physical Therapy
Pneumococcal Shot Prescription Drugs (limited) Prostate Cancer Screenings
Prosthetic/Orthotic Items Pulmonary Rehabilitation Rural Health Clinic Services
Second Surgical Opinions Speech-Language Pathology Services Surgical Dressing Services
Tobacco Cessation Counceling Telehealth Tests (diagnostic like x-ray, CT, MRI)
Transplants and Immunosuppressive Drugs Travel (limited, when traveling outside US) Urgently-Needed Care
Preventive Visit (Welcome to Medicare) Yearly Wellness Visit  

As you can see, NC Medicare Part B offers a lot of coverage that you do not want to be without. For mor indpeth anaylsis of each of these coverage items please refer to Medicare & You booklet pages 36-53.