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About Us

Why was this site created?

For years, Kent and Rusty have worked in the health insurance industry.  As seasoned veterans in the health and Medicare Supplemental insurance industry they have bring years of experience to the North Carolina market.  Even if you decide not to use us as brokers, we hope this website will educate you on the options available to you.

Kent Kingsley
Kent has been a licensed broker for many years.  He represents a number of carriers in North Carolina.  As a broker he helped hundreds of his clients compare all their options in the health insurance market.  He also specializes in the medicare and life insurance markets.  He has been an independent broker since he started in insurance.  When not helping people with their insurance, he is either at home with his wife and child or trying to avoid becoming a tree pretzel while riding on his dirt bike!
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Rusty Williams
Rusty started in the insurance industry as a captive agent (meaning he only represented one company) in 2004.   After many years and the demands of this job grew, he decided he needed more time at home with young kids and less time at work.  In a chance meeting with Kent, Rusty decided he liked what Kent was doing and realized he could better serve his clients by offering multiple companies and have more independence by being a broker and representing many companies.  Like Kent, Rusty focuses on the health, medicare, and life insurance markets.

When not working, you will find Rusty at home with his wife and two kids.  His hobbies include golf, crossfit, and bicycling.  On occasion, you will find him in the woods at his local golf course in search for his golf ball.
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